1. Make Laundry Day Less of A Chore: Part II

    Laundry doesn’t have to be so irritating and complicated. Getting in a solid routine and adopting time-saving, clothes-improving habits will help make the process a lot easier. 100 years ago, no one had the luxury of a laundry machine, and it could easily take all day (or more) to get clothes clea…Read More

  2. Make Laundry Day Less of A Chore: Part I

    It seems that most people don’t enjoy doing laundry. While we here at Mr. Fresh actually love doing laundry, we understand that for most people it is simply an annoying chore that needs to get done before they can go out and do things they’d rather be doing. If you are tired of spending hours of…Read More

  3. 5 Benefits of Using a Dry Cleaners

    One of the things that people who want to improve their overall happiness or productivity often overlook is just how important proper hygiene is. Not only is it true that a clean room helps promote a clear mind, so too is it the case that clean clothes help build self-esteem and overall wellness. Ye…Read More

  4. 4 Substances that Help Get Stains Out Of Clothes

    After you get a fresh new pair of shoes or a fancy new dress shirt, it’s incredibly frustrating when it suddenly gets stained. Oftentimes you end up having to spend the rest of the day walking around with an unseemly blotch or streak on your clothes; a nagging hobgoblin reminding you of your or so…Read More