What Laundry Items Should Only Be Hand Washed?

What Laundry Items Should Only Be Hand Washed?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of dipping your hands into a warm, soapy basin of water and carefully tending to your clothes. The gentle swishing of fabric against skin, the delicate fragrance of your favorite detergent, and the satisfying sensation of a freshly cleaned garment between your fingers — these are the sensory experiences that make hand washing a truly special act of care. At Mr. Fresh Laundry Services in Woolbridge, our swift hand washing offerings look after your clothing. Read on to learn more about which items deserve this thorough service. Reach out to us to get started!


Delicate, Dainty, And Fragile Fabrics

Hand washing is a must for fabrics include silk, lace, cashmere, and wool. These fabrics require special care, as they can easily lose their shape, shrink, or get damaged in the washing machine. Swishing fabrics in a warm, soapy bath can help preserve their unique textures, shapes, and colors. However, because these items are delicate, they shouldn’t be wrung or twisted. Trust our team at Mr. Fresh to gently release this excess water.


Beaded, Embroidered, And Sequined Garments

These items have delicate embellishments that can easily get damaged or fall off in the washing machine. Hand washing allows for a more precise and gentle touch to ensure everything on these items remain intact. At Mr. Fresh, we take extra care to make sure your clothes are in excellent condition when they come out of the basin.


Undergarments And Intimates

Items such as bras, panties, and lingerie should never go in the washing machine, as the heat and tumbling can cause damage to the delicate fabrics, as well as to the elastic and hooks. It’s also important to note that undergarments and intimates should not be washed with other items, as the fabrics can easily become tangled and torn. To ensure the best care for these items, we recommend hand washing. Trust our team to provide the special care to maintain their shape and elasticity.


Leather, Suede, And Fur Items

Only some items are designed to withstand the heat and tumbling of customary laundry machines. Items made of fur, leather, or suede are not in that group. Hand washing is the only way to preserve the luxurious texture and look of these items. This is because the water is kept at a much lower temperature than that of a washing machine and the agitation is much more gentle. With our hand washing services, these items will look and feel like new.

When it comes to keeping valuable pieces of your wardrobe in top condition, hand wash laundry is the way to go! Whether you’re washing clothes manually or opting for a delicates wash, the gentle swishing and tender care will make your clothes sing with joy. Give Mr. Fresh a call and let us take the dirty work off your hands.

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