The College Student’s Guide To Laundry Part I

The College Student’s Guide To Laundry Part I

If you’re just about to head off to begin your freshman year in college, or perhaps you’re about to move out of your parents house and into the dorms or an apartment building, you are going to need to start washing your own clothes. Doing laundry for the first time isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to accidentally shrink some long sleeve shirts if you’re not prepared.

Mr. Fresh Laundry Services, based in Avenel, NJ, has put together this practical guide to help you understand what to do when you’re standing in front of your washer and dryer, considering the best way to get your clothes clean without making any ruinous blunders. Of course, many of you will already know how to do your laundry and have been doing it for years. For those readers, let this post just serve as a reminder. For the rest of you innocent laundry virgins, this is the guide you’ve been looking for!

Before we begin, a caveat: be aware that not all clothes should be washed at home. Sometimes a stain is just too serious or a fabric is too delicate or valuable to do it on your own (here’s looking at you, cashmere sweaters!). In such cases, it is best to take it in for professional cleaning. Mr. Fresh Laundry Services is the best clothes cleaning company in Woodbridge, period. If you need something dry cleaned or a stain removed, give us a call. We can even deliver the clothes back to you, so you can just send it in and, like magic, in a few days your cleaned clothes will appear on your doorstep.

The Stereotypical College Student

Meet Jeff. Jeff is your stereotypical stinky college student. He’s a nice enough guy, but the only time you’ve ever seen him do laundry was when he was washing his socks in the sink. You can tell that he hasn’t quite figured out how to take care of himself, and, with his ever-seeking desire to cut corners, the permanent aroma of body odor and Axe Body Spray permeates the rooms and hallways wherever he goes. Don’t be Jeff. Also, if you have a roommate like Jeff, it may be time for a (gentle) intervention. After reading this article, you will be better prepared to remedy the smell of all the Jeffs in the world; a truly humanitarian effort!

How To Survive College And Smell Great Doing It

1. Get The Proper Supplies

Just like being successful in class, it all comes back to being prepared. With laundry, the key things you need are: 1) a working washer and dryer, 2) laundry detergent, 3) a laundry basket, 4) a can-do attitude. Other useful things are wool laundry balls and fabric softener. Wool laundry balls help by eliminating static in the dryer, speeding up the drying process, and making your clothes softer in the process.

2. Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe

Some clothes can be worn many times without needing to be cleaned — like outer layers and pants. Other clothes need to be washed after a day or two of use, i.e., underwear, sock, and t-shirts. As a rule, the closer the clothes are to the skin, the more they will absorb sweat and begin to smell. When packing clothes for college, if you don’t want to be doing your laundry every couple of days, it is a good idea to pack extra socks and underwear, as those tend to be the things that trigger the need to initiate “laundry day”.

3. Read The Labels On Your Clothes

You usually don’t need to turn to reading tea leaves to figure out how to take care of specific items of clothes. That is because labels are generally included on clothes, specifying how to wash them. It’s also not difficult to figure out how to treat specific articles of clothes if you know what kind of material it is made of. Quickly punching out a search-engine query regarding how to wash this or that specific type of fabric properly will help you make sure you don’t damage, stain, or totally ruin your favorite shirt.

4. Use The Recommended Amount Of Laundry Detergent

Similar to the previous tip, you should take the time to read the instructions on the back of your bottle of laundry detergent. Not all laundry detergents are the same, so understanding specifically what is called for with your detergent of choice will help you avoid making stupid mistakes when doing your laundry.

5. Don’t Wash Your Colored Shirts With Your Whites

If you want your white clothes to remain white, don’t throw them in the wash with a red shirt at the same time unless you like pink. Take the time to separate your clothes by color so they do not end up staining one another.

Excellent Laundry Services In Woodbridge

This list is continued in part 2 of our guide on how to do laundry in college. If you are struggling with a feisty stain or have a favorite jacket laying in the bottom of your closet that you have given up wearing because someone spilled a pint of Pabst on it, all is not lost! Mr. Fresh Laundry Services has the tools and the experience to take on even the most stubborn stains. Book your cleaning today!