Make Laundry Day Less Of A Chore: Part II

Make Laundry Day Less Of A Chore: Part II

Laundry doesn’t have to be so irritating and complicated. Getting in a solid routine and adopting time-saving, clothes-improving habits will help make the process a lot easier. 100 years ago, no one had the luxury of a laundry machine, and it could easily take all day (or more) to get clothes clean. Today, we can pretty much just toss our clothes in a machine in our house and voila — good as new!

That being said, doing the laundry still isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. To help laundry day go more smoothly for you, we at Mr. Fresh have compiled a list of tips that should help. However, the ultimate way to make laundry day simple is to hire professional dry cleaners in your area to get the job done right. Mr. Fresh Laundry Services offers dry cleaning, stain removal, hand washing, and more at very affordable prices. Our laundry delivery services are also very popular, as our quality is reliable and we offer free pick-up and delivery to anyone within a 10-mile radius of our business, located at the corner of Avenel St. and Rahway Ave. If you’re ready to get your laundry cleaned like it’s never been cleaned before, give us a call. Let our expert dry cleaning, pressing, and other services make your Sundays laundry-free!

How To Make Laundry Day Easier

If you haven’t already seen Part I, go check it out now. It goes over some useful practices that will make doing your laundry quicker, easier, safer, and more cost-effective. Let’s continue on with that list!

Do Laundry Regularly

Though we know you’d probably rather be doing laundry only once a week at most, doing your laundry in smaller batches throughout the week will make the whole task more manageable and less daunting.

Presort Your Laundry

In addition to separating colors and whites, you can also break down your laundry loads by person. Especially if you are doing laundry for a big family, you can end up spending a lot of time figuring out whose clothes are whose. Having separate baskets for everyone and then washing loads by person will help make the whole process more efficient. It will also contribute to a reduction in the rate of sock-loss.

Turn Clothes Right Side Out Before Folding

If you want to save yourself later on having to turn your socks right side out each morning, just do it all at once. If you break the folding process down into two stages instead of turning right side out and then folding each article of clothing individually, you will likely end up saving yourself a significant amount of time.

Keep Your Washer Door Open After A Wash

After you wash a load of laundry, it’s a good habit to leave the door open for a while. This is because washer doors are designed to seal very tightly, which can lead to mold and mildew developing if you trap damp, warm air inside the machine for long periods of time. A little fresh air will help prevent your washer from starting to stink. It may also be good to gently clean your washing machine occasionally. This will remove any residue, mold, or bacteria to ensure that you don’t accidentally make your clothes smell bad when you’re trying to make them smell fresh.

Understand That Some Things Really Aren’t That Dirty

Sometimes after you wear an article of clothing, you realize that it really is not all that dirty. In such cases, it may actually be fine to wear it again another day (or two even) before cleaning it. Things like jeans and sweaters are common culprits that don’t really need to be cleaned every time you do laundry.

Keep A Space In Your Laundry Room For Delicates

Having a place to put delicate clothes and clothes that need special cleaning treatment, like nice dress shirts for example, is a simple, effective way to make sure you don’t accidentally wash something delicate with the wrong load or end up accidentally shrinking or ruining it in some other way. One superb option is a drying rack in your laundry room.

Keep All Your Supplies In One Location

When you keep your laundry detergent, wool dryer balls, etc. all in one spot, you don’t need to be running all over your house to get everything sorted. Neatly keep all your supplies in a cupboard within arms reach of your washer machine. This will also help prevent you from forgetting to do something while doing laundry

Why Fold When You Can Hang?

Are you sick and tired of having to fold clothes? This monotonous task can be eliminated from your laundry routine almost entirely with the help of hangers. Hanging your clothes instead of folding them will help keep them looking neat, make it easy to find certain items, and make laundry day a bit easier.

Check Your Dryer’s Lint Screen Before Every Load

Getting in the habit of checking and emptying your lint screen before every load will help improve the efficiency of your dryer by allowing it to expel the hot, damp air that is produced during the drying process. When the lint screen is full, your dryer may overheat in an effort to compensate, increasing the chances that your clothes will shrink. Finally, if you don’t clean out the lint screen, it can be a fire hazard. Make sure to clean it out before you put another load of laundry in the dryer!

Air Drying

On days when it is nice and sunny, a great, cost-effective way to dry your laundry is to simply hang it outside or set each piece by a window for a few hours. Air drying is a safe, effective option for increasing the longevity of clothes that require gentle treatment. It is a laundry method that is so easy, even a kid can do it.

Get Your Clothes Professionally Dry Cleaned

Sometimes, a regular old home wash is not going to do the trick when you have exceptionally dirty clothes. There also are situations — like when your favorite shirt gets a stain — in which you should only trust a professional to get the job done right and get the shirt looking good-as-new. That’s where we come in. Mr. Fresh Laundry offers premium quality, affordable dry cleaning and other services to the greater Woodbridge area. With free delivery and pick-up within a 10-mile radius of our business,as well as 20% off for first-time customers, we are the obvious choice for dry cleaning services in Woodbridge. Mr. Fresh is your complete solution for making laundry day easy. Save stress, save time, and get your clothes back cleaner than if you had cleaned them yourself. Want to learn more about our services? Check out our laundry delivery services and a complete list of what we offer. We hope to hear from you soon!