Make Laundry Day Less Of A Chore: Part I

Make Laundry Day Less Of A Chore: Part I

It seems that most people don’t enjoy doing laundry. While we here at Mr. Fresh actually love doing laundry, we understand that for most people it is simply an annoying chore that needs to get done before they can go out and do things they’d rather be doing. If you are tired of spending hours of your Sundays washing and folding your clothes, the easiest solution would be simply to get your laundry professionally dry cleaned. Some people are nervous about professional dry cleaning, thinking that it might be too expensive for them. However, that’s rarely the case; professional dry cleaning is an affordable, time-saving solution for your laundry. If you are in Woodbridge and want to find out if dry cleaning is right for you, Mr. Fresh Laundry Services offer free pickup and delivery for anyone within 10-miles of our business at the corner of Avenel St. and Rahway Ave. What is more, if you are a first-time customer, then you get your first cleaning for 20% off. Ready to get your clothes looking brand new again? Book your dry cleaning (or other laundry service) today!

Doing Your Laundry At Home

To help you on days when you are not getting your laundry dry cleaned with Mr. Fresh, we have compiled a list of things you can do to improve your home laundry experience. Let’s get started!

Clean Your Clothes Right The First Time

When washing your clothes at home, you may be tempted to cut corners to speed up the process. For example, perhaps instead of separating your dark clothes from your colored and your whites, you just throw them all in the washing machine together. This is a recipe for disaster. You will likely end up changing the color of your white shirts and may end up having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, just because you were trying to save time!

Another thing that takes a bit more time but is worth doing is to check what the tag of each article of clothes says and wash it according to those instructions. It can ruin your day when you wash your brand-new sweater, only for it to come out of the wash two sizes too small! Take your time, and do it right the first time — as there might not be a second chance with certain articles of clothing.

Empty Your Pockets!

No, this is not a robbery — but you don’t want your laundry machine to steal your coins and whatever else is in your pockets; it won’t know what to do with it! You can end up damaging your laundry machine or your clothes if you put stuff in there without emptying your pockets — so make sure to check them before you wash.

Don’t Overdo It With The Laundry Detergent

You really don’t need very much laundry detergent to effectively wash your clothes. Following the instructions on the bottle for the size and type of clothes you are washing is worth the extra time you spend reading it. Putting in too much detergent is not likely to do serious damage to your clothes, but at the end of the day, you’re just wasting your money when half the amount of detergent would do the job just fine. This also goes to anything you add to your dryer, like fabric softener. Follow the instructions, and less is more.

Remove Stains ASAP

Never let a stain just sit in your clothes indefinitely. The longer that it is on your clothes, the more difficult it will likely be to get out. Tide to Go pens or other quick stain removal items may turn out to be quite helpful. However, use caution: depending on the type of stain and the fabric, as they could permanently change the color of your clothes. The best bet is to do a quick online search to find out the best way to treat that type of stain and to act promptly. Some of the most powerful stain removing compounds are: water, baking soda, vinegar, and soap.

Use A Towel To Carry Your Laundry

An easy way to move your laundry from your room to the laundry machine is to put it all in one big towel. This way you don’t end up leaving a trail of underwear and socks behind you, and can move it all in one trip. Just throw your towel “sack” over your shoulder and head on off to the laundry machine with ease!

Create A Wardrobe Strategy

Here’s a more long-term solution for helping yourself out on laundry day: make sure that you have a lot of socks, underwear, undershirts, and whatever other items are generally lead you to deciding to do your laundry. If you have plenty of socks, you end up not having to do your laundry as often. Also, if you look through your closet, you’re likely to discover that you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear very often, if at all. Consider adding those into your rotation. Adding them in to the rotation of clothes you wear will help you extend the time between needing to wash your clothes. If you discover a bunch of clothes that you don’t wear and know that you will never wear again, consider selling them or giving them away. You’ll then have more room in your closet to put and cherish the clothes you actually like to wear.

Make Doing Laundry Easier

Sure, doing laundry at home can be a real hassle. Yet we hope that, with the aforementioned tips, it can be a bit easier for you. Not enough tips for you? Check out Part II of this article series to learn some other great strategies and techniques for making laundry day less of a chore. Of course, the easiest way to make laundry day easy is to simply hire a professional dry cleaner to take on the job for you. If you are in Woodbridge and are thinking about saving yourself time and avoiding shrunken or stained clothes, then call Mr. Fresh Laundry Services today to schedule your free pick-up!