How To Iron Correctly

How To Iron Correctly

Freshly ironed clothes look crisp, clean, and professional. However, many people simply don’t know how to iron their clothes at all, and those who do have the basics down may still be doing some things wrong, endangering their clothes in the process. This article is for both the people new to ironing as well as the people who do it regularly and want to gain some new tips and to make sure they are doing everything correctly.

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How NOT To Iron Your Clothes

There are some common mistakes that people make when ironing their clothes:


Ironing mistakes start long before the ironing board even comes out. For example, some people leave clothes in the sun or the dryer for too long, leading to them developing a stiff, cardboard-like texture. This can lead to them becoming over-dry and getting burnt during the ironing process.

Not Misting Clothes

When ironing, you don’t have to go as hot and aggressive if you make sure to use the built-in misting function on your iron. Misting makes it easier for creases to come out, helping you be more gentle on your clothes during the ironing process. If your iron doesn’t have a built-in spray function, a spray bottle will work just as well.

Not Adjusting The Temperature

Sometimes people are in such a rush these days! It’s quite common that people, when pressed with a large pile of fabrics, just do everything all in one-go without adjusting the temperature of the iron. Things like silk and other delicate fabrics can’t handle the high heat! Always let the iron sit for a few minutes and switch the temperature to the appropriate level for the fabric material you’re ironing next.

Ironing In Circles

Don’t iron your clothes in circles, or it will stretch out the fabric. Always go lengthwise.

Don’t Ignore The Form Of The Garment

Approach each garment section by section. Perhaps you start with a shirt’s sleeves (cuffs open) and lay the collar flat. For trousers, you’re going to want to iron along the crease. Always work from the top down on skirts.

Messily Ironing Sheets

Ironing sheets and tablecloths can be annoying, as they are so large and once you finish one section in bundles up on the other end and you may need to come back and do it all over again. The way to iron sheets without getting a headache is to set up two chairs next to the ironing board and fold the fabric you’re ironing as you go onto the chairs.

Not Letting The Press Set

After putting in the effort to have nicely ironed clothes, many people make the mistake of putting the clothes on right after they are done. This is a mistake because your clothes need time to cool down and have the press set. Putting your clothes on right after ironing undoes most of your hard work!

How To Iron Your Clothes THE RIGHT WAY

We have talked about some of the most common mistakes people make when ironing, which leaves us with the real heart of the matter: “What is the right way to iron your clothes, then?” In answering this question, we will proceed from first steps to last steps. This is not a totally comprehensive guide, but it should still make clear some of the more important things to do when ironing. Let’s get started!

Sort Your Clothes

Before you begin ironing, you’re going to want to sort your clothes based on the ironing temperature that will be applied to them during pressing. Organize them from coolest to hottest. Ironing at the right temperature is critical, so always give your iron time to adjust between temperature changes.

Temperature Levels Of Common Fabrics

  • Silks and synthetics should be ironed from low to medium heat (around 350 degrees F)
  • Wool is to be ironed on medium to high
  • Cotton and linens should generally be ironed on high (400 to 425 degrees F).

Setting Up Your Ironing Area

It’s easy to cut corners, but it’ll make the job easier and more reliable if you have all the basic tools you need and have maintained them properly:

  • Iron (fill with water)
  • Ironing board (flat and dry)
  • A designated ironing space with conveniently located basket, racks, shelves, etc.

Ironing Shirts

Ironing a shirt is equal parts science as it is an art. That being said, here is a surefire process that will help keep you from making any egregious mistakes:

  • Start with the sleeves, as they’ll be fine dangling off the rest of the ironing board as you finish the rest of your shirt.
  • Doing it the other way around is likely to lead to wrinkles in the body of the shirt after you already ironed it.
  • Keep the cuffs open, as it makes it easier to lay them flat and do a better job ironing sleeves.
  • Open up the collar as well, then lay it flat. Iron the under-side.
  • After ironing a shirt, let it hang for a few minutes to cool down. The press needs time to set in. If you rush it, you could end up negating all your hard work with your impatience.

Ironing Pants

When ironing pants, the focus should not be so much on the heat but on the gentle pressures and steam, as they are the factors that are going to do the most work for your trousers. When ironing pants:

  • Lay the pants flat and find the crease. Then iron along it. Always press the front crease first.
  • If you’re pressing creases into your pants, let your pants hang by the waistband for a few hours to set. If you haven’t gone for creases, they should still be allowed to hang for at least a few minutes.

Make Ironing Fun

Lastly, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to think of ironing as some tedious chore getting in the way of other activities. This isn’t necessarily true, however, as ironing can be very relaxing and can be a time to listen to music, watch television, or listen to an audiobook or lecture.

However, if you simply don’t have the time to iron your clothes properly, we understand you 100%. Many of our customers are in a situation where they simply don’t have the time to do a good job. That’s why all our services are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get your clothes professional cleaned and ironed. For example, we offer a hassle-free laundry delivery service where we pick-up and deliver any laundry order within a 10-mile radius of our business (located at the corner of Avenel St. and Rahway Ave.). If you are in Woodbridge Township and are looking to enjoy freshly pressed clothes without the hassle, call Mr. Fresh Laundry Services now! First-time customers also get 20% off their first cleaning; get started today!