1. Image of a woman loading a washing machine

    4 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Laundry Delivery Service

    Do you hate laundry? Well, so do we! That's why Mr. Fresh Laundry Services offers laundry delivery to make your life a little bit easier. We understand that first impressions count, which is why our dedicated team is always ready to go that extra mile to meet your unique needs and make sure you get …Read More

  2. How Mr. Fresh Laundry Services Beats the Competition

    If you are looking for the best laundry services in Woodbridge, Elizabeth, and the surrounding areas, look no further than Mr.Fresh Laundry Services! From dry cleaning to hand washing, cleaning for specialized items, and even laundry delivery services, our team is here to make your life easier. Keep…Read More

  3. How To Wash Suede

    If your suede is looking a little worse for wear, don't despair! With a little care and the right products, you can restore it to its former glory. At Mr. Fresh Laundry Services in Woodbridge, we specialize in dry cleaning, washing, folding and pressing, hand washing, and the cleaning of specialized…Read More

  4. leather jacket

    How To Clean Leather Clothing

    Leather clothing is a popular choice for many people, but it can be difficult to keep it looking its best. More so, leather is an investment, and it's important to know how to care for leather clothing. Here at Mr. Fresh Laundry Services, we specialize in cleaning all kinds of clothing, including le…Read More

  5. person handwashing clothes

    How To Hand Wash Clothes

    While washing machines and dryers are an efficient way to wash clothes, they're not the best choice for every garment! The gentlest way to wash items is by hand washing, and if you have delicate clothes, like lingerie or garments made from silk or lace, handwashing may be the way to go.  Learn more…Read More

  6. Get Quality Laundry Cleaning Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Cleanliness has never before seemed so important as it does today. Part of maintaining good health is staying clean, and an important way to do that is to keep your clothes clean. One of the most effective and safe ways to achieve clean clothes is through dry cleaning. Yet many people are worried th…Read More

  7. How To Iron Correctly

    Freshly ironed clothes look crisp, clean, and professional. However, many people simply don’t know how to iron their clothes at all, and those who do have the basics down may still be doing some things wrong, endangering their clothes in the process. This article is for both the people new to iron…Read More

  8. Tips on Cleaning Shoes

    White sneakers can be fashionable, but boy can they get dirty fast! Sometimes we may feel obliged to go out and buy brand new shoes when our current pair start looking drab and dire. Don’t start throwing cash around for new shoes quite yet though, as your old shoes may not truly need to be replace…Read More

  9. Make Laundry Day Less of A Chore: Part II

    Laundry doesn’t have to be so irritating and complicated. Getting in a solid routine and adopting time-saving, clothes-improving habits will help make the process a lot easier. 100 years ago, no one had the luxury of a laundry machine, and it could easily take all day (or more) to get clothes clea…Read More

  10. Make Laundry Day Less of A Chore: Part I

    It seems that most people don’t enjoy doing laundry. While we here at Mr. Fresh actually love doing laundry, we understand that for most people it is simply an annoying chore that needs to get done before they can go out and do things they’d rather be doing. If you are tired of spending hours of…Read More