Personalized care for your most personal items. From comforters and towels to everyday items such as jeans, t-shirts, and socks, Mr. Fresh Laundry service will take care of all your needs. Your laundry will be done to your exact specifications — as if you were doing it yourself. Pick your preferred detergent with options ranging from scented, unscented, or eco-friendly, and fabric softener is always an option. Rest assured, your laundry will be separated by type and color to ensure optimal results. 


As if finding the time to sort your laundry and start your washing machine wasn’t enough of a hassle, try remembering to switch your clothes over to the dryer before they start to smell weird (the opposite of what you’re going for) or fold them right when the drying time is complete to avoid wrinkled clothes. How nice does it sound to spend five minutes dropping off your clothes and another five minutes picking them up knowing that they’ve been professionally washed, folded, and sorted — wrinkle-free?  We even provide hand washing services for those items that are too delicate to machine wash, like lace and leather.


At Mr. Fresh Laundry you can even choose to have clothes separated by person so everyone’s laundry is washed, folded, and packaged separately. You’ll receive a truly custom laundry service that will make your life easier. 


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