At Mr. Fresh Laundry Services, we operate under the following belief — laundry is our job, not yours. We understand that you already have enough on your plate with work, school, childcare, and the many other things that keep you busy. Why add another chore to that list?

Our team of laundry service professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and unbeatable results. That means we do everything possible to make your life easier with a full-range of laundry services and free laundry delivery to residents within a 10-mile radius of Woodbridge.

The process is simple, and you can get started with your free laundry pickup and delivery with Mr. Fresh Laundry Services today. Contact us to schedule your laundry pickup and we’ll come to your house to collect your clothes and other fabrics and linens you need cleaned. Then, we professionally wash and fold your clothes before delivering them back to your house, clean and fresh. It’s really that simple!

We offer a wide range of services that allow you to eliminate the pesky laundry routine taking up too much time in your life. 

  • Dry Cleaning — Trust us to remove those stains you thought were permanent so you can get back to wearing your favorite dress or dress shirt immediately. We have the expertise and attention to detail to care for even the most complex materials like leather and suede.
  • Washing, Folding, and Pressing — When you select Mr. Fresh Laundry Services to wash, fold, and press your clothes, we give you all the control without any of the work. Choose between a multitude of laundry detergents and fabric softeners, then let us take care of the rest by organizing your items by person so every family member has their own package of fresh clothes.
  • Delicates — Hand washing your delicate items is too time-consuming and tedious. Rather than labor through the task yourself, trust our experienced team of laundry professionals to properly care for all of your delicate items.
  • Hat & Footwear Cleaning — Even though they are often some of your most used pieces of clothing, it’s likely that you have neglected to clean your headwear and footwear. At Mr. Fresh Laundry Services, you can make your beloved accessories look new again with specialized hat and footwear cleaning services.

With our free laundry delivery service, you can utilize these professional cleaning options from the comfort of your home at no extra charge!


We offer unbeatable service at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re looking to have your suit dry cleaned, your dress slacks pressed, or an entire batch of laundry washed and folded, we have the affordable service for you.

Dry Cleaning

  • Tops — $6*
  • Bottoms — $6*
  • Two-piece suit — $12*
  • Dress — $15* 


  • Shirts — $2.50*
  • Pants — $4* 

Washing and Folding

We can wash and fold your entire load of laundry for $1.75/pound

Call us today to schedule your delivery services, or easily book your appointment online.   

*Certain Material Requires Additional Fees