About Mr. Fresh Laundry Services

Mr. Fresh is the top hat cleaner in Woodbridge, NJ. Many people never clean their hats; the idea just never crosses their minds. You clean clothes, you may clean shoes when they get dirty, but hats for some reason seem to get forgotten — which is strange, thinking about how they are one of most seen items of clothing a person can wear; sitting right on top of your head. If you have noticed that your headwear has picked up some stains or has a bit of a funky smell going on, we recommend you schedule a pick-up or simply drop it off at our Woodbridge laundry company. 

Mr. Fresh Laundry Services is proud of our reputation for always delivering quality results with a personal approach. We put in the extra time to train and vet our cleaning associates, and highly value customer service. Most importantly, we utilize careful, best-practice techniques for cleaning all your clothes, including your beloved baseball cap. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your laundry or dry cleaning results, we will reprocess your garments at no additional charge.

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