Mr. Fresh is THE #1 local laundry delivery service in Woodbridge, New Jersey. We take care of the tedious chore of doing laundry for you with our quick, friendly, affordable service. We will personally pick up, professionally clean, and then hand-deliver your clothes back to your front door. What’s more, if you are in the Woodbridge region, call us today and enjoy free delivery and pick-up for all orders in a 10-mile radius of our business (located at the corner of Avenel St. and Rahway Ave.). If you are a first-time customer, you also get 20% off your first cleaning (and that includes ironing services!). Call us today and try Woodbridge Township’s #1 dry cleaning service for yourself! Mr. Fresh provides you superior quality and personal service, guaranteed.

Why Use Laundry Delivery Services

Sending your clothes to the dry cleaners is a reliable, time-tested way of getting out tough stains or getting rid of the hassle of having to do laundry all on your own. It is also, in some cases, the recommended method of cleaning an article of clothing so as to not cause any damage. Dry cleaning is extremely well-suited for taking on greasy, protein-based, or other types of tough stains. Dry cleaning is also a fantastic way to make your clothes look crisp and clean. Book a pick-up from Mr. Fresh today!

Service Options

We offer a few different services that you can turn to for all of your laundry cleaning needs. We offer:

  • Dry Cleaning — You can rely on Mr. Fresh Laundry in Woodbridge to remove even those stains that you thought were permanent. Hire Mr. Fresh and get the expertise and attention your clothes need to start looking like-new again.
  • Washing, Folding, and Pressing — Mr. Fresh Laundry Services will wash, fold, and press your clothes. After you select your laundry detergent and fabric softener options, we will wash your clothes and then deliver them to you organized by person, so each member of your family receives their own package of freshly cleaned clothes.
  • Delicates — You could spend hours carefully hand washing all of your delicate clothes, but it’s much more expedient to simply hire a professional to do it for you. Instead of laboring over your laundry all morning, trust Mr. Fresh to properly clean all of your delicates.
  • Hat & Footwear Cleaning — Even though shoes are something we always wear, it’s not that often that we actually clean them. Don’t neglect your footwear or your hat; get them cleaned safely and thoroughly by booking a pick-up from Mr. Fresh Laundry Services in Woodbridge today!

Mr. Fresh Laundry offers you the best dry cleaning services for your most important items, including:

  • Suits
  • Dresses
  • Furs
  • Suedes
  • Silks
  • Leathers
  • And more!

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning

Why get your laundry dry cleaned? Here are five reasons to get your clothes cleaned by your local dry cleaners:

#1: It’s Convenient

Who wants to do chores after they get home from work? It’s like the work never ends. Free up your evenings and weekends to do things you actually want to do by relying on the convenience of dry cleaning. What makes Mr. Fresh Laundry Services even more convenient is our unique laundry delivery service. Get your clothes picked-up, cleaned, and delivered back to you for the same price as it would cost for you to bring them in yourself.

#2: It’s Safe

How many times have you had a long sleeve shirt that you loved, which, when you washed it, it came out too small to wear any more? Avoid this situation by relying on dry cleaning. Dry cleaning uses solvents to clean your clothes that won’t shrink or damage them in the process. If you have stained, smelling, delicate, or damaged clothes, dry cleaning is a smart way to get them cleaned without the risk of making them unwearable.

#3: It’s Effective

Dry cleaning is a reliable way to get your clothes clean, no matter how severe the stains or smell is. When you require an effective solution to laundry cleaning or the removal of stains, professional dry cleaning is a good option for you. If you enjoy having clothes that are crisp, fresh, and truly clean, you can hardly do better than getting them professionally dry cleaned.

#4: It’s Fast

Getting your clothes professionally dry cleaned is fast and easy. Don’t waste three hours this Sunday cleaning sheets, colored clothes, towels, etc. Get the results you’re looking for and save time by scheduling a free pick-up of your dirty laundry. We will pick-up, clean, and deliver your clothes back to you in a few days. Call to ask us about expedited services.

#5: It’s Reliable

Get a quality clean every time. Integrate dry cleaning into your weekly or bi-weekly schedule to enjoy reliably high-quality results every time. Are you in Woodbridge and are ready to get your laundry dry cleaned? Book now!

Get to Know Mr. Fresh Laundry Services

Established in 2015, Mr. Fresh is a full-service, professional garment care and cleaning service company based in Woodbridge, NJ. We provide both walk-in dry cleaning services, as well as pick-up and delivery options. For each load of laundry, we implement a careful, personalized approach. We invest extra time cleaning your clothes properly so that you don’t have to. Looking for a fast, worry-free, full-service garment care company? Mr. Fresh is here for you!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To get started, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Alternatively, you can book a pick-up online through our easy-to-use form.

We make sure we understand exactly what each article of clothing you send us needs before we begin the process. We also carefully check the tags of each item you send us to see if it has any special washing needs that you may not have told us about beforehand. Mr. Fresh Laundry Services offers dry cleaning, stain removal, hand washing, and more at very affordable prices. Our laundry delivery service is also very popular (being about 65% of our business), as our quality is reliable and we offer free pick-up and delivery to anyone within a 10-mile radius of our business at the corner of Avenel St. and Rahway Ave. If you’re ready to get your laundry cleaned like it’s never been cleaned before, book a pick-up today. Let our expert dry cleaning, pressing, and other services make your Sundays forever laundry-free!