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Wash & Fold

Item Price
Shirts (Launderd/Press) $2.50 Add
Wholesale Account $1.25 Add
Out of Pick up/Delivery Zone $0.75 Add
Pants (W&P) $4.00 Add
Wash & Fold $1.50 Add
Wash & Fold [Same Day/Priority] $1.75 Add
Comforter $TBD Add
Gratuity / Staff Tips $1.00 Add

Headwear Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing of baseball caps, snap-backs, dress hats and more.

Item Price
Cap or Hat Cleaning $TBD Add
Cap Restoration $TBD Add

Footwear Cleaning

Deep-cleaning of upper or midsoles of sneakers, dress shoes and boots.

Item Price
Exterior Cleaning $TBD Add
Undersole Cleaning $7.50 Add
Dress Shoe Polish $TBD Add
Interior Cleaning $TBD Add
Lace Cleaning $3.00 Add
Lace Replacement $7.00 Add
Water Repellent $5.00 Add
Footwear Restoration $TBD Add

Dry Cleaning

Item Price
Full Body Items $TBD Add
Dress $15.00 Add
Lab Coat $11.50 Add
Gown $17.49 Add
Jacket $8.00 Add
Dry cleaned Shirt $6.00 Add
Coat $24.25 Add
Pants $6.00 Add
Pillowcase $TBD Add
Uniform $6.99 Add
Skirt $5.99 Add
Sweater $6.25 Add
Cardigan $6.50 Add
Tie $5.75 Add
Scrubs $4.49 Add
Vest $5.99 Add
Blanket $25.00 Add
Blouse $6.50 Add
Bed Sheets $TBD Add
Duvet Cover $TBD Add
Towel $2.50 Add
Hanger $0.25 Add

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